Sports Injuries / CrossFit Injuries

Dr. Hawley has been involved with sports his entire life. He began wrestling at age 8 and carried through his love of this sport through Montrose Area High School where he was All-State and also Lackawanna League Wrestler of the Year and then through college at SUNY Brockport. He is now a volunteer assistant with Abington Heights Wrestling Team It was an injury in wrestling that set the path for Dr. Hawley to become a Sports Chiropractor. Through his personal experiences he knows what a huge impact chiropractic care can have on the both on the amateur and elite athlete.

Throughout any given sporting activity there are going to be numerous “minor” injuries (ankle sprains, shin splints, lower back pain or shoulder injuries) that the athlete may just shake off and not worry about. It is these injuries that manifest into a more complex injury that can lead to time off the field and decreased performance. It is Dr. Hawley’s belief that athletes should get periodic chiropractic care throughout their sport's season to prevent these “minor” injuries from turning into a more complicated injury down the road. Keeping the athlete's body healthy can lead to less time lost on the sidelines as well as increased performance in the game.

CrossFit has become a big part of Dr. Hawley's life and he has recently obtained his CrossFit Level 1 - Trainer certification.